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So what the heck is Jupiter Ascending, you may be wondering. It looks as though the trailers, which convey a basic, understandable premise, essentially seek to obscure what it all means. This latest Japanese trailer has hit (via ComicBookMovie), giving a better idea of the world that’s inhabited by these characters, and emphasizing the sci-fi universe the characters inhabit. The layman would assume that this is a future world, where people from Jupiter rule over Earth, and one Earth girl (Mila Kunis) is stuck in the middle of some struggle.

In fact, it is Kunis who is Jupiter, the goofily-named girl at the center of this space saga. As the trailer shows, factions want her dead, but she’s some sort of royalty. This is the first part of a planned trilogy: that shot of her overlooking the people isn’t the end when she finally assumes some sort of birthright, correct? Regardless, we’re talking the Wachowskis here, who never keep anything too simple. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this clip only showcased material from the first act.

In case you didn't recognize him, that is billy goat Channing Tatum trying on some sort of aristocratic space accent as Caine, a bounty hunter sent after Jupiter who soon learns how special she is. And, probably, how gorgeous Ms. Kunis happens to be. It’s a lot easier to bail from a mission mission where you have to kill someone when they look like Mila Kunis. Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne, both briefly spotted in this trailer, also co-star in the film, while the Wachowskis also re-team with Cloud Atlas actors Doona Bae and James D’Arcy. You’d think the directing siblings, who asked their cast to get underneath layers of makeup and play multiple roles in Cloud Atlas, are probably exciting filmmakers for an actor to work with once and only once.

Jupiter Ascending hits on July 18th, smack in the middle of summer. It’ll be opening up against Disney’s Planes: Fire And Rescue, and just one week before Dwayne Johnson flexes in Hercules. It’s also arriving a week after Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes so the Wachowskis’ latest has its work cut out for it as far as finding an audience goes. The budget rang up as $200 million, which was more exciting when Tatum was coming off The Vow, 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike instead of following White House Down. Can his ridiculous look and get-up be something that the audience embraces? Apparently he plays half-wolf so, good luck with that.

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