Kevin Smith Plans Clerks 3 As His Final Film

Kevin Smith has spent more than a year now promising that he was almost done with filmmaking, and that the hockey movie Hit Somebody would be his last film-- or maybe two films, depending on which day you asked him. But with recent news that Hit Somebody will be made as a miniseries for television instead, Smith can still make another feature film without going back on his word… and seems to have chosen a film many Smith fans have been waiting for for a long time.

This isn't the first time Smith has talked about Clerks III, but it's definitely the first time he's brought it up as a serious possibility in quite a while. On his prolific twitter feed you can hunt down details about the i-hour miniseries that is now Hit Somebody, but he hasn't said much else about the Clerks III news. We can assume that caveat about Jeff Anderson-- who played Randal in both Clerks films and has done virtually no acting work beyond Smith's films-- that the film isn't exactly ready to go into production, but it's hard to imagine Anderson will be tough to get on board.

Based on how often Smith tweets or podcasts about absolutely everything going on in his life, we'll probably get more details on Clerks III shortly. I have to admit right now that I'm not going to be the one bringing them o you-- I unfollowed Smith on twitter years ago, exhausted by the constant barrage of information, and I felt fine about it given that he wasn't really a filmmaker anymore. Now that he's returning to the fold for one last hurrah I suppose it's tim to pay attention again…. but we might have to dig through a lot of tweets about sex with his wife to get there.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend