Kindergarten Cop 2 Trailer: Watch Dolph Lundgren Try To Fill Arnold's Massive Shoes

There comes a time in every action movie star’s career when it becomes time to play against type in a family comedy. However, some action stars apparently get to wait longer than others. Dolph Lundgren has seen something of a career resurgence thanks to the Expendables franchise. Now, the actor will be following in the footsteps of one of the other actors from that series as he takes the lead in Kindergarten Cop 2. Check out the first trailer below.

It has been 25 years since the original Kindergarten Cop starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as an undercover cop who plays the role of teacher in order to find and protect a child and his mother. Now, Dolph Lundgren will take over what appears to be a nearly identical sequel. In this case, Lundgren’s character will be an FBI agent looking for missing data rather than a person, but beyond that, this could be a virtual remake of the original movie. Big tough guy can’t handle screaming children. That’s the basic premise and all the boxes appear to be checked here.

According to Entertainment Weekly, part of the conflict will be based on the school’s liberal, politically correct environment being at odds with Dolph Lundgren’s character’s attitude. Nothing like that was ever specifically part of the original Kindergarten Cop, but even Arnold eventually had the kids marching in line like cadets at police academy so it isn’t that far of a stretch.

While this is only the second film called Kindergarten Cop, it’s far from the second film to use the basic structure of "tough guy who can’t handle kids." Vin Diesel took his shot in The Pacifier, and even Hulk Hogan made one of these movies called Mr. Nanny. This one will at least have the name recognition of the previous Schwarzenegger film, but without that star power, it’s hard to believe Kindergarten Cop 2 will go anywhere. What’s more, if you’ve actually seen the original, the sequel looks to be adding nothing. Compare this trailer with the original one, below.

As a direct-to-DVD sequel, it’s unlikely anybody tried to get Arnold on board for Kindergarten Cop 2. Honestly, between his plans to make sequels for everything from Terminator to Conan to Twins it’s shocking that nobody went after the aging actor. He’s interested in making sequels to everything else. Although, maybe this will free him up for the highly anticipated Last Action Hero 2. In our dreams.

Dirk Libbey
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