Last Vegas

Normally, I’m the cynic who’s looking to dismiss a film at the drop of a hat. I need to be convinced that your movie is special. I’m not ready to embrace a film simply because a studio or a producer convinced some actors to stand around, recite lines, and receive huge sums of money. Work for my affection. And yet, this poster for the upcoming comedy Last Vegas … it just does something to me. It wins me over with its effortless charm. If the movie is merely 90 minutes of these charismatic screen veterans breaking each other’s balls, I’m actually OK with that. That, alone, would be better than The Mortal Instruments.

The pitch behind Last Vegas is simple enough. Four lifelong friends reunite in Vegas for a four-day bachelor party when their last single friend (Michael Douglas) announces he’s finally getting married. As you can tell in the poster, the party-throwing friends consist of Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline. It’s The Hangover for the Best Exotic Marigold crowd. It’s The Bucket List meets What Happens in Vegas … -- and again, I’m fully on board with that. Bring it on.

The trailer hints at the type of laughs audiences can expect from Last Vegas, which will be directed by Jon Turteltaub (National Treasure, While You Were Sleeping).

It will be decidedly different from Douglas’ last excursion in Las Vegas (at least, that's what I'm guessing):

And, if you didn’t pay close attention to the crawl at the end of the trailer, you might have missed that the brilliant Mary Steenburgen will co-star alongside these silver foxes in Last Vegas. As if I needed any more convincing!

Every year now, probably thanks to De Niro’s own Meet the Parents or the Analyze films, we get one of these broad, slightly dirty comedies aimed at older audiences, the ticket buyers who probably complain that most of the movies in theaters all year round don’t interest them. I understand that, and I support Hollywood’s decision to make movies that appeal to that older demographic. Look at Parental Guidance. It made $77M on a $25M budget. Profitable. And, if this poster is any indication, fun. We hope, anyway. Last Vegas rolls into theaters on Nov. 1.

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