Lebowski Spin-Off Talk, Coens Don't Care For The Jesus

Jesus Quintana is, without a doubt, the most popular pederast in movie history. Ok, it’s not much of a competition. I mean after watching The Woodsman, mostly I wanted to take a baseball bat to Kevin Bacon. Still, even amongst likable pedophiles John Turturro’s bowling creepo in The Big Lebowski is definitely the best. In fact he’s so beloved, that rumors of a spin-off movie featuring the character have long floated around the internet. Actually they’re probably circulated by John Turturro, who has in the past made it clear that he’s totally on board with putting back on his hairnet

Unfortunately, the guys who made The Big Lebowski are far less enthusiastic than the spin-off’s potential star. Strangely, they don’t really seem to love the movie, let alone the character, nearly as much as its legions of fans do. Talking to MTV Joel Coen says of The Big Lebowski, “That movie has more of an enduring fascination for other people than it does for us.” Both Coens seem to be saying they don’t see a sequel in giving The Jesus his own movie and they aren’t really interested in exploring it.

Ethan did say something along the lines of “it could happen”, but it sounds like he meant it more in the same way that resurrecting dinosaurs from fossilized DNA could happen. Nobody fucks with the Jesus, but I for one really wish the Coens would.

Josh Tyler