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M83's music has been used constantly in so many films, TV shows, commercials and trailers that you might have convinced yourself they only make music for the sake of backing up moving images. But Oblivion will in fact be the first film for which M83-- a.k.a. Anthony Gonzalez-- has written the music, lending his ethereal, electronic-backed music to the sci-fi film from Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. We've been dying to get a hint of what M83 had brought to the film, and now finally the veil has been lifted, with the first track from the soundtrack posted online.

Debuting over at Rolling Stone, the track is called "StarWaves" and you can listen to it below.

Yup, that sounds like an M83 song, with the same kind of spaciness and building up to a crescendo, but also muted in a way that suggests it'll be excellent accompaniment to whatever is actually happening in the scene. And from the looks of the latest trailers we've been seeing, there will be more than enough action to back up, which makes it really interesting that a track this meditative is the first one to emerge.

Oblivion is coming to theaters April 19, an early debut for the kind of sci-fi epic we usually think of as kicking off the summer. But as this winter drags on and on (hello, snowquester!) I think we can look forward to spring, Tom Cruise sci-fi and an M83 soundtrack-- together at last.