The Lone Ranger Character Posters: Stubble And Facepaint In The Old West

We're nervous about The Lone Ranger for a lot of reasons, from the notoriously messy production to Gore Verbinski's final Pirates film to the simple fact that any time a studio spends a huge amount of money on a film, you can guarantee they'll at least attempt to sanitize it to death. Johnny Depp's brazen effort at playing a Native American character is another huge hurdle-- sure, he's part Cherokee, but white people playing Native Americans has been a huge Hollywood problem for decades. That said, Tonto's look on this new character poster? Very cool.

The new look at the character premiered (where else?) on Tumblr), and it came along with a poster for Armie Hammer's titular Lone Ranger, though there's not nearly as much makeup going on for him. Take a look at that one:

Here are the brief little bits of character description that came along with each of them:

Meet Tonto. He rides alone in search of the two men responsible for the ruin of his village, until his path crosses with the young lawyer, John Reid.Meet John Reid. A Texas lawman whose chance meeting with Comanche warrior, Tonto, sets off a series of events that change him into an enigmatic hero: the masked Lone Ranger.

Does this tell us anything about The Lone Ranger we didn't know already? Nah. Like Pirates of the Caribbean before it, this movie will succeed only if it manages to make something surprising, comic and hugely entertaining out of a very thin premise. Verbinski and Depp were justly celebrated for pulling ti off back in 2003-- it was based on a theme park ride, for God's sake-- and they've got a bonus in Hammer, who has way more personality than poor Orlando Bloom ever did. The Lone Ranger is coming to theaters July 3, as the linchpin of Disney's summer movie slate. Are you on board?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend