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Titanic’s return to theaters for a limited engagement is as much an opportunity for fans of the film to “return to Titanic” on the big screen as it is for those who are new to the film to see it for the first time. Well timed for the upcoming centenary of the ship’s ill-fated maiden voyage, the movie received a 3D make-over for its rerelease into theaters.

The video below, courtesy of iTunes, features writer/director James Cameron, producer Jon Landau, Stereo D president William Sherak, and Stereoscopic Service Supervisor Mike Hedayati discussing the process of turning Titanic into a 3D movie, and aiming to set the "gold standard of conversion." We also get a few glimpses behind the scenes...

As it turns out, a look behind the scenes of a film’s conversion to 3D includes peek at a vast cube farm full of hard working (and likely technologically gifted) people, many of which seem to have a preference for hats. Rose would probably approve of this fashion choice. Of course, we also got to see some memorable moments being converted to 3D.

Converting a film like Titanic to 3D is certainly an ambitious endeavor and one that may prove to pay off at the box office. Speaking of which, Entertainment Weekly just reported that the estimated total for previews and midnight showings on Tuesday is $425,000. The site notes that this estimate falls behind Star Wars: Episode I’s $1.1 million from midnight screenings, however Titanic’s preview screenings only ran on about 300 screens, while Phantom Menace previewed on 1,300. As of today, Titanic 3D is available at 2,674 theaters.

For those of you who are on the fence about heading to theaters to see the movie, either in 3D, 2D or at all, Kristy’s To 3D or Not to 3D review may help you make your decision.

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