Regardless of what anyone might tell you, the goal of any movie is to make money, maybe not a ton of money but at least some money. If little scenes can be flipped around, added or removed in order to generate a much greater return, studios are almost always willing to do so, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s upcoming Looper is a great example of that.

To help share the risks of financing a high-concept film about an assassin, Endgame Entertainment decided to reach out to the Chinese-based DMG to put up some of the money. DMG agreed on one condition: the foreign scenes had to be moved from Paris to Shanghai. The financers thought the local setting would be a great way to improve Chinese interest, and if early test screenings are any indication, the scheme worked. The long sequences featuring Gordon-Levitt’s character reportedly played very well in China. Unfortunately, here in America, viewers were less than thrilled about the decreased pace such scenes created. Not wanting to alienate either audience, director Rian Johnson has come up with a compromise.

According to The Los Angeles Times, viewers in China will actually see a different film when they head to the theaters. Endgame will play a cut featuring all the Shanghai scenes for the Asian audience, and the rest of the world will get a streamlined version without the cut-tos of cool architecture and historic places.

It's unlikely fans will care about missing out on the extra few minutes, but if they do, it seems like a guarantee they’ll get a director’s cut eventually showing everything once the Blu-Ray rolls around. This might not make up for Chinese citizens missing out on Kate Winslet’s boob in Titanic, but hey, at least it’s something.

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