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Rian Johnson’s Looper remains one of our most anticipated movies of the fall, and thankfully, we don’t have to wait until November to finally settle in and watch it. Sony will be bringing the film to Canada where it will open the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 6. After, it will open in theaters on Sept. 28, bringing the sci-fi time-travel thriller to hungry audiences. But first, an extremely cool tease.

Looper has unveiled an interactive trailer. It’s basically the old trailer, but as you watch it, you unlock new content. So, after you’ve seen the scene where Bruce Willis stares across a diner table at the younger version of himself (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), you can unlock and explore the “diner,” where Johnson comments on the importance of this scene (which we learn is a “centerpiece” filled with long passages of dialogue) and then shows us behind-the-scenes production photos, which are fantastic. As you go along, you unlock more exclusive content … and you earn six silver bars by answering questions. It’s amazingly cool.

We’re hoping that the rest of Looper ends up being as cool as the film’s promotional material. But based on the early trailers, and the presentation Sony brought to Comic-Con in July, we’re pretty confident Brick director Johnson will be able to deliver on the potential of his engaging premise.

Access the interactive trailer here. Peruse the content, earn the silver bars, give yourself a prize. Then check out Looper with Willis, Gordon-Levitt and the lovely Emily Blunt when it reaches theaters on Sept. 28. We’ll also have Looper coverage from Toronto, so stay tuned to the site for all of our TIFF reports.