Director Rian Johnson has done an admirable job so far of keeping secrets about his upcoming movie Looper, a thriller set in a near-future where criminals use time travel to "disappear" the people they need assassinated. So far we knew that Joseph Gordon-Levitt played one of those assassins, and that Bruce Willis played an older version of the same character, who gets sent back in time to be murdered… by himself. If that's intriguing enough for you, you might want to stop now, because the new UK trailer that premiered at MSN reveals much, much more about what the two of them will get up to in the film. Take a look, if you dare, below.

What's even more interesting than seeing more of the plot is getting a closer look at Gordon-Levitt's performance, and particularly the interpretation he's doing of Bruce Willis's very familiar voice and mannerisms. Sure, he doesn't really look much like what Willis actually looked like 30 years ago, but the transformation is close enough that it's fascinating-- and the idea of seeing the two of them together, on a mission to change their collective fate, is totally irresistible.

Johnson, whose previous films Brick and The Brothers Bloom showed immense promise and filmmaking skill, is making what looks like a genre effort on the surface, but ought to offer a lot more once we get a look at the whole thing. Looper opens in theaters on September 28 this year.

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