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Michael Emerson has had a pretty seamlessly successful career on television, going from an Emmy win for his guest role on The Practice to his unforgettable role as Ben Linus on Lost to a starring role now on Person of Interest, the drama recently picked up for a new season. His work in movies has never been quite as interesting as his small-screen roles-- unless you're a big fan of his appearance in the original Saw, that is-- but now it looks like none other than Woody Allen may be offering Emerson his first chance to dazzle movie audiences as well.

According to Deadline, Emerson will be spending his summer TV hiatus on Allen's next movie, which shoots in New York and, par for the course with Allen movies, doesn't yet have a title. New York theater veteran Emerson will be in goo company, joining a cast that includes Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Bobby Cannavale and Bradley Cooper-- Cooper is the only one on that list who hasn't done a significant amount of work on the New York stage. If this is one of those modern-era Woody Allen movies that stars a Woody stand-in, it seems likely Baldwin will be taking on those duties, but who knows, maybe it's Emerson? Ben Linus wasn't much of a mensch, but it would be very interesting to see him take on that challenge.

We know virtually nothing else about Allen's new film beyond the cast, and that it's apparently shooting in San Francisco in addition to New York. But this year's film, To Rome With Love, comes to theaters on June 22, so we can look forward to that in the meantime.

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