Lundgren Lives Again!

It’s a sad sight when aging celebrities attempt to salvage the wreckage of their careers, especially when it comes to action movie heroes. While Schwarzenegger transitioned to politics, other, less fortunate cyborgs fell to the wayside. Universal soldier, in-human boxer and He-Man Dolph Lundgren is just one of many unsung heroes of forgotten and terrible action movies. Like a guy trying to re-capture the good ol’ days at a high school reunion, Lundgren is looking to get a new project, with some familiar faces, off the ground.

“You know, I was thinking today, it would be great to make a movie with the 80s action rat pack – Jean Claude [Van Damme] and a few others. There are issues with schedules and age and so on, but maybe I’ll be the one to make it happen,” Lundgren told Empire with a glimmer of hope in his eye. “I was talking to Chuck Norris’ people about doing something with him, maybe an action comedy?”

Whether Empire magazine solicited Lundgren’s thoughts or it was a record of Lundgren’s inner monologue sent in a letter to the editor is unclear. However, someone (I’m looking at you Carl Weathers) needs to inform the Punisher that the dream is dead, the limelight has faded and that it’s time to move on.