She’s known as a pop music icon, but Madonna has already dipped her toe into the realm of filmmaking once, with 2008's comedy Filth and Wisdom. She’s following that up with an historical romance, W.E., that made its debut at the Venice Film Festival to tepid reviews. Reactions improved when Madonna took her act to Toronto, though she commented that critics might be focusing more on their opinions of her, as a person, and not on the film itself. Soon enough, you’ll be able to judge W.E. with your own eyes. Here’s the first trailer ahead of the picture’s Dec. 9 release date.

It’s hard to tell from a three-minute clip. The period production values look solid as Madonna tries to tell a love story that bridges generations, with Abbie Cornish playing a modern woman entranced by the scandalous romance between King Edward VIII and American divorcée Wallis Simpson. Don’t worry. It’s not an offshoot of The King’s Speech, though The Weinstein Company is releasing the drama in theaters.

Truthfully, Madonna’s probably right. Snooty critics likely dismissed W.E. at first glance as the musings of a singer with no business behind the camera. But this trailer has me intrigued, and I’m anxious to see how she connects her timelines to see if there’s any emotional component that appeals to wider audiences. Will W.E. be a must-see, or is it all W.E.T.?

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