In Independence Day German filmmaker Roland Emmerich blew up the White House, but saved the American president so that the character could go on to deliver one of the most stirring addresses of movie history! In his next action-packed thriller White House Down, Emmerich has 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue under siege and the president trapped within its luxurious walls. Penned by Zodiac scribe James Vanderbilt, White House Down centers on a dedicated secret service agent—is there any other kind?—who must single-handedly save the Commander in chief once the White House is invaded.

While we don't know what the particular threat against our nation is in this thriller, we do know Channing Tatum is lined up to star as the heroic agent, while Jamie Foxx has recently signed on to portray the president. Now Deadline reveals Maggie Gyllenhaal has entered into negotiations to play the film's female lead (though at this point there are no details on the specifics of that character). It seems too much to hope for that Emmerich would cast her as the First Lady, and so it is more likely she'll be some sort of stern cabinet member. With the film going into production in August, we should hear more cast updates and character details soon.

Since the birth of her first child with Peter Sarsgaard, Gyllenhaal has been far less prolific in her film appearances. But being highly selective has generally served her well, as she landed a memorable role as the doomed Rachel Dawes in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, and earned her first Academy Award nomination for her tender turn in 2009's Crazy Heart. Her choosy nature could suggest that White House Down could well be one of Emmerich's more compelling action features, more Independence Day than Day After Tomorrow.

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