We’ve been hearing for months now about Marvel’s superhero master plan, in which they’ll make a series of solo movies featuring their characters, and then bring them all together in one big, Avengers movie. That means Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor… everyone all in one awesome, big team-up. Unfortunately, it looks like if Hulk is invited to join the Avengers, his puny pal Bruce Banner may not be played by Edward Norton.

MTV says that Norton told them that he hasn’t gotten any indication from Marvel Studios that they’ll want him back. He says, “I don’t have any idea what they want to do.” According to Norton, he’s in the dark about everything which might involve the future of his character.

It’s odd that Norton would be so out of the loop, especially if you consider that whenever Robert Downey Jr. is interviewed, he talks as if he’s already seen Marvel’s master plan for Tony Stark, and is intimately involved in it. Of course The Incredible Hulk was nowhere near the box office hit that Iron Man was, making even less than the Ang Lee version which it was supposed to supplant. That could be the problem. Or it could be those old rumors of infighting between Ed Norton and Marvel. Norton wanted something more cerebral, Marvel wanted Hulk smashing stuff… and got what they wanted in spite of Norton’s rumored protestations.

Could Marvel be holding a grudge? Or perhaps they’re simply done with the Hulk. He’s had two chances now and achieved only mixed success both with critics and at the box office. Maybe the Avengers will assemble without him.

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