Class warfare. It's a phrase that gets bandied about in politics and headlines, but it's also become a recurring theme in contemporary cinema. Last summer The Dark Knight Rises tackled the topic Tale of Two Cities-style. Every bit of marketing from Bong Joon-ho's upcoming sci-fi thriller Snowpiercer showcases the theme of haves versus have-nots. And writer-director Neill Blomkamp, who memorably took on this issue with the inventive District 9, is back with a dystopian drama that has Matt Damon leading the charge for the disenfranchised.

Set in 2159, Elysium is named for a perfect man-made paradise that floats above the ruins of Earth. People still live on Earth's surface, but these are the unlucky forced to exist in an overpopulated, impoverished hell hole overrun by crime and chaos. The literally high and mighty people of Elysium have turned their backs on the people below, enforcing harsh immigration laws to keep those in need from infringing on their luxurious lifestyles. But one man (Damon) is setting out to break into this sky-high community so he can use their top-of-art tech to save his own life from a vile poison. But his actions could change everything.

The film's first trailer had us clamoring for more, and the new TV spot above (courtesy of The Film Stage) offers us a look at the lavish Elysium as well as the ravaged Earth. Plus, there glimpses of some jaw-dropping special effects, spectacular action, and a tantalizing tease of the war brewing between Damon's machine-enhanced man of the people and Jodie Foster's cold-hearted space station leader.

Elysium is coming August 9th.

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