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With Wes Ball's adaptation of James Dashner's The Maze Runner set to arrive in theaters this fall, fans are eager to see some footage from the film, and it's finally set to debut this Monday night during Teen Wolf. MTV teased the arrival of the first Maze Runner trailer with the photo below, which shows us Dylan O'Brien as Thomas, one of the kids trapped inside the mysterious Glade.

The first trailer for The Maze Runner is set to air during Monday night's airing of Teen Wolf. O'Brien plays the role of Stiles in the MTV supernatural drama, which is winding down the second half of its third season this month. If you're planning on tuning in, the series airs Monday at 10/9c on MTV. If we were to guess that MTV would be the place where The Maze Runner's first trailer would make its debut, Teen Wolf would probably be the obvious choice, given the major O'Brien link.

The Maze Runner centers on a kid named Thomas who wakes up on an elevator as he's being delivered to a strange walled in place called the Glade, where other kids have arrived in similar, mysterious fashion over the past months or longer. None of them know who they were before their arrival, apart from their own first names. Each morning, the high walls open up to a massive maze. Some of the kids spend their days running through the maze, trying to find a way out. Getting back to the Glade before the sun goes down is crucial, as no kid wants to get stuck in the maze when the walls close for the night.

We've seen plenty of photos from the adaptation, but so far nothing that shows us the Grievers, the vicious stinging creatures that lurk inside the maze at night. Perhaps the new trailer will give us a peek at one of those. In the meantime, here's the latest photo shared by director Wes Ball.

The Maze Runner arrives in theaters September 19. In addition to Dylan O'Brien, the cast includes Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Kaya Scodelario Will Poullter, Aml Ameen and Ki Hong Lee.