McG already has his next directorial effort set up already, as he is getting set to make the Luc Besson-written and produced secret service action movie Three Days To Kill with Kevin Costner, but that doesn't mean the filmmaker is going to stop collecting potential projects for the future of his career. Wonderland Sound & Vision, the company owned by McG, is working with Red Crown Productions to make School of Fear, an adaptation of the first book in Gitty Danveshari's series for children.

While McG is currently only attached as a producer, he is keeping it as an option to direct himself also, according to Variety. The first book in the trilogy follows a group of phobia-striken teenagers who are brought to a very special school where they hope to finally conquer their deepest fears. But in order to graduate and be fully cured they must "survive a perilous final test. " The script is being written by Daniel Mackey, who the trade says was a writer on the second season of the webseries Aim High, which stars Twilight's Jackson Rathbone and Friday Night Lights' Aimee Teegarden.

Rights to the book were first purchased in 2007 by GK Films founder Graham King, who had the project set up over at Warner Bros. As you can probably guess - considering an adaptation hasn't been made yet - King's hold on the rights lapsed, allowing McG and his people to swoop in and pick them up. The film can't move into production until McG decideds whether or not he wants to direct (he has a first look deal), and if he does it means that the final cut could still be a few years away.

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