Now that a Horrible Bosses sequel has been shifted to the back burner, star Jason Bateman and his Bosses director are free to move on to another comedic project. To help move things along, they’ve recruited perhaps the hottest comedic actress on the planet (as of this moment).

Bateman and Bridesmaids standout Melissa McCarthy will star in Identity Theft, a picture set to be directed by Seth Gordon, Deadline reports. Bateman will play a man whose identity is stripped, and while the script originally was supposed to pair him with another male comedian (as the thief), the premise was shifted once the Arrested Development star saw McCarthy in Bridesmaids.

That’s a big win for Theft, as multiple projects reportedly have been lobbying for McCarthy’s talents as she continues to work her way through the awards race and eyes a potential Best Supporting Actress nomination. She has the pick of the litter when it comes to screenplays these days, but the idea of pairing her with a dry comedic wit like Bateman seems like a match made in … well, if not Heaven, then at least Hollywood.

Gordon’s also developing as a comedy director. His high point remains the documentary The King of Kong, though Horrible Bosses nabbed solid reviews and an impressive box office ($117M domestically). Luring McCarthy to his project is a little like winning the casting lottery for the time being. Now let’s see what these guys are able to do with two solid leads and a screenplay credited to Steve Conrad (The Pursuit of Happyness) and Craig Mazin.

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