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Michael Douglas must be feeling completely healthy these days because he has been lining projects up left and right (which couldn’t make us happier). And while the handsome leading man will always be known for pushing the envelope in daring dramas, he’s showing a taste for contemporary history in a few of the roles to which he’s gravitating.

Pictures circulated recently of Douglas in make-up to play Liberace in a biopic he’s currently shooting with Matt Damon for HBO, and next, Douglas reportedly will step into the shoes of the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan for an independent film titled Reykjavik, THR notes. And some heavy hitters could be lining up to join Douglas behind the scenes on this one. The trade says Ridley Scott will produce Reykjavik, while Mike Newell is contemplating the directing gig.

The plot of the film, written by Kevin Hood (Becoming Jane), takes place during the height of the Cold War when Reagan met with Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev to reach a peace treaty in the shadows of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The producers next will set about finding their Gorbachev, though having Douglas to spar with should make the hiring process that much easier.

Now the question will be, “Who shows up?” Despite the quality of films like Ron Howard’s Frost vs. Nixon or the Cuban Missile Crisis thriller Thirteen Days, audiences don’t flock to films that feel like history lessons. Here’s hoping that the casting on the picture lures more people into theaters because when Douglas is operating at the top of his game there are few who are better.

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