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Novelist Cormac McCarthy has earned some serious bragging rights in the world of cinema thanks to adaptations of his novels, but he's breaking new ground this year with his first produced screenplay, The Counselor. This first domestic trailer for the film above, which debuted at Entertainment Weekly (embed via Rope of Silicon), gives us our best look yet at the original crime drama that McCarthy wrote for Ridley Scott, as the director's follow-up to the ambitious sci-fi adventure Prometheus. Much like the international trailer that dropped in June, this new spot shares the slick style, sex appeal, and menacing tone and shows off its stars-- Michael Fassbender, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, and Brad Pitt with a seriously unfortunate haircut.

Most of the cast has a history with Scott or McCarthy one way or another. Prometheus's Fassbender fronts the film as the titular lawyer, who craves the kind of extravagant wealth that seems only accessible to drug cartels. All the Pretty Horses's Cruz plays his fiancée Laura, who he wishes to swaddle in wealth. So, he gets involved with Reiner, an enigmatic and dangerous dealer played by No Country For Old Men's Javier Bardem, and his cheetah-loving associate Malkina, played by Cameron Diaz, who starred in the Scott-produced comedy In Her Shoes. As you might expect, this counselor soon finds himself in over his head and embedded in a whole world of trouble that includes merciless criminals, international drug deals, and a few decapitations.

Even in this brief preview, Fassbender seems well cast as a smart but smug man who proves his own worst enemy. And it's interesting to see Cruz and her Vanilla Sky co-star Diaz taking on roles that subvert their typical type. Here Cruz seems to be playing an earnestly sweet love interest, rather than the reckless and exotic sex symbol she's played in movies like Blow and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. For her part, Diaz, who is best known for goofy and non-threatening brand of allure, seems downright dangerous here with her pool-side cheetahs, cheetah print back tattoo, and uninhibited car mounting. As for Bardem, we expect—hell we'll accept nothing else than another villainous portrayal that will leave us drop jawed. It's just what the man does.

To date, three of McCarthy's novels have been turned into star-fronted features, including the Golden Globe-nominated All the Pretty Horses with Matt Damon and Cruz, the four-time Academy Award winner No Country For Old Men with Bardem and Josh Brolin, and the BAFTA-nominated The Road with Viggo Mortensen. Actor turned writer-director James Franco has recently wrapped on what will be the fourth feature adaptation of McCarthy's work, Child of God. As for The Counselor, it opens in the US on October 25th.

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