'Perfect" is a hard word to use to movie reviews. By using it you're not only saying that what was done was exceptional, but that it would have been literally impossible to do it any better. So take it to heart that our own Katey Rich's headline for her review of Richard Linklater's latest movie playing at the on-going Sundance Film Festival reads, "Before Midnight Is Perfect."

The indie sequel to Linklater's Before Sunset and Before Sunrise made its world premiere at the indie event down in Park City last night and the response to it was massive and overwhelmingly positive. In her completely spoiler-free review Katey called the film "yet another beautiful and evocative and thoughtful and funny moment in time between two people who, by now, feel as familiar as our own friends" and marveled at "how Linklater, [Ethan] Hawke and [Julie] Delpy manage to write these conversations that feel so natural but informative about these characters, so spontaneous but consistently interesting." If that doesn't raise your anticipation levels you're made of stone, and therefore all of you should be excited about the two new stills that have arrived online.

The images were posted over on Empire and you can head over there to see them full size or check them out below.

Before Midnight hasn't picked up U.S. distribution just yet, but expect the news to come soon (and probably before the end of Sundance). In the meantime, stay tuned here on Cinema Blend for updates from the festival and the film!

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