With studios buying massive amounts of ad space across television and the web to promote their latest big budgeted features, it can be pretty difficult for an indie film without any major stars or superheroes to get noticed. But the inventive producers behind Mike Birbiglia's autobiographical comedy Sleepwalk With Me know their audience. Produced by This American Life's host and NPR icon Ira Glass, this comedy spun from the stand-up's real-life struggles with sleep and fear of commitment is being promoted with a unique brand of cheek, a spirit of activism, and a little help from the long-running podcast's friends.

Earlier this week, The Avengers writer-director Joss Whedon, who along with Birbiglia contributed to the 2009 This American Life live show , unleashed a Youtube vid demanding that fans of the third highest grossing movie of all time boycott this little indie so it won't threaten his superhero feature's incredible standing. Those who only read the headline missed the joke, but those who actually watched the vid got an offbeat ad that essentially asks people to promote indie efforts that dare to be different. Now, upping the ante on this mockery of Hollywood feuds, Glass and Birbiglia have created a vid of their own, where they declare they will beat The Avengers box office. And in typical TAL fashion, they tell you how you can help with some helpful (and hilarious) math.

To further promote this charming comedy, Glass and Birbiglia will also be touring with the film, doing post-screening Q&As in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. (details here.) And if you want to demand Sleepwalk With Me comes to a theater near you, you're in luck! This American Life's site has a page that lists a bunch of potential venues for the film along with tips on how to make yourself heard. So take action, and see one of the five great movies still left to see this summer!

Sleepwalk With Me opens August 24th.

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