Mondo Elysium Poster Focuses On Class Divisions

Between their fast-growing web presence and faster-growing fan base, you’d have to be almost chronically unhip not to know about Mondo. The art gallery owned by Alamo Drafthouse releases special edition movie posters that many feel have elevated the art form of movie promotion. Limited runs and detailed designs mean the prices for these posters are high, $50-$100 usually. But devotees of Mondo believe this is a steal for art that pays tribute to movies they adore. You can bet that Mondo was a popular attraction at San Diego Comic Con last week. And as our staff recovers from their Hall H conquests and well-earned geek outs, we’re unveiling the latest addition to Mondo’s collection.

Inspired by writer-director Neill Blomkamp’s upcoming Elysium, the print up top depicts the film’s stars (Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and District 9’s Sharlto Copley) within the different levels they exist in the science-fiction drama. The separate worlds of the ruined Earth and the heavenly Elysium are beautifully rendered by illustrator Martin Ansin, who normally focuses on superhero themes for the company. In the past, he contributed to Mondo’s Man of Steel, Iron Man 3 and Avengers posters. Of course, looking at Damon’s intimidating cyborg exoskeleton, it doesn’t seem like drawing him was much of a leap from a sketching suited up Tony Stark.

Only 175 prints of the poster above were produced for Comic Con, and sold for $75. However, the version below, which offers the same amazing layout in warmer colors, will eventually be made available on Mondo’s online store for just $50. But only 380 will be printed, so buy yours while supplies lasts.

Mondo Elysium Poster

Elysium is set in 2154, a time where a true utopia has been achieved by mankind…well, part of it. The Earth itself has become a place of poverty and disease, where the remnants of humanity still scraping by on its surface are kept in line—and under thumb—by an inhumane robot police force. (Note you can see one of these robo cops in the poster’s lower left corner.) But far above the Earth, there is the manmade space station/nirvana Elysium. Here the wealthy live without fear of crime or disease or want. But the haves’ time of ignoring the have-nots is coming to an end.

Damon stars as ex-con Max De Costa, who works a dangerous blue-collar gig on what remains of Earth. That is until an on-site accident gives him just days to live. To get the cure he knows exists on Elysium, he undergoes surgery to make him a formidable cyborg. With the mechanical exoskeleton you can see in this poster, he hopes to break into the high halls of Elysium, and if that means breaking down class divisions and inciting class warfare along the way, so be it. Foster (clearly depicted in the poster’s upper half) plays Secretary Rhodes, an Elysium authority who sends the head of her vicious secret police force (Copley, seen above with a sword) after Damon’s reluctant revolutionary.

Elysium opens August 9th. Check out the trailer below.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.