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It’s taken the better part of eight months to get a cast together for the bank heist film Now You See Me, but the past few weeks have been fruitful for director Louis Letterier. Just a few days ago, stars Mark Ruffalo and Amanda Seyfried signed on to the film, and now the golden-voiced Morgan Freeman has joined up as well.

According to Variety, Freeman will join the good guys, playing an ex-magician who has spent much of his life exposing illusionists secrets. The wizened old expert teams up with Ruffalo's FBI agent trying to catch a team of illusionists, led by Jesse Eisenberg, who rob banks during their performances then rain their plunder down on their audiences. Freeman’s character is obviously loathed by the magical world, and thus will play an integral role in capturing the thieves, while also wearing a target on his back.

Now You See Me sounds like a healthy mix between The Town and The Prestige, which should make for a very interesting film as long as the Clash of the Titans director can shake off his recent failure and return to form. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time writer Boaz Yakin is penning the script with rookie Edward Ricourt, and Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtman are set to produce.

Now You See Me will usher in the “magician” trend alongside the novel adaptation Night Circus, though Circus’ production is moving much slower. Stay tuned for more news on Now You See Me as casting and production ramps up.