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Movie Posters From An Alternate Universe Where William Shatner Is Daredevil

Here’s the latest in photoshop trends: redesigning movie posters. But simply taking an existing movie and coming up with new ways to advertise it is one thing, this graphic artist has taken it a step further by re-imagining those movies in another universe. A universe where William Shatner plays Daredevil.

The posters you’re about to see come from the website of artist Sean Hartter. He calls them simply “alternate universe movie posters” but to me this alternate universe looks a lot like the 70s, a very cool time-warped version of the 70s. It’s a place where Steven King’s Dark Tower series was made while Clint Eastwood was still young enough to play Roland. It’s a world where Christopher Lee was Venkman in Ghostbusters, Tim Curry played the Joker, James Dean is the dreamer in Inception, and Avatar was a porn movie starring Matthew McConaughey . Here’s a few of my favorites from Sean’s collection. See more over at his place.