Yesterday, in this clip, we got to see Walter, a new Muppet who will be appearing in the (hopefully excellent) upcoming new film The Muppets. Today, there’s another clip featuring Walter, along with Jason Segel and Amy Adams. Walter proves to be very useful at problem-solving... Or at great ideas, anyway.

We’re just weeks away from the Muppets’ grand return to the big screen. Whether or not the film manages to live up to the hype remains to be seen, however since we’re still in the hype phase of the movie, here’s a great little clip (courtesy of MSN), which features Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and Walter the Muppet as the three of them drive through Los Angeles, trying to solve a problem.

Good thinking, Walter! Who needs a map of the stars when there are hot dogs to be eaten? This is exactly the kind of ridiculous humor I expect from the Muppets. Somehow, I think they’ll manage to track Kermit down. In the meantime, at least they won’t be doing it on an empty stomach. I also like Walter's villain impersonation.

The Muppets releases in theaters on November 23rd. More information, photos and videos can be viewed in our film database

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