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David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is back on our brains thanks to last night's surprise trailer reveal, and in a bit of good timing that could only have been intentional, Disney has a new trailer for The Muppets that's a direct, hilarious parody of the first Dragon Tattoo teaser trailer. I don't know how the Muppets are the only people on this earth who can do decent parody anymore, but I suppose that's the secret to their success. Check out the trailer, along with a new teaser poster to go with it, below:

While it's a little disturbing to imagine Kermit and Miss Piggy in the kind of provocative pose that Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara struck in the actual Dragon Tattoo poster, it's also hilarious. I don't think the actual Muppets movie involves any parody or in-jokes about current movies in release, but the marketing campaign has managed to get everybody talking while showing off the bare minimum of footage from the film. It's a great way to remind everyone of the sharp Muppets sense of humor while also keeping the movie relatively under wraps. Though, lucky for us, it won't be under wraps a whole lot longer-- the movie finally comes out in just over two months, on November 23.