According to the complex algorithms of my Nic Cage actuarial tables, Drive Angry should be a good movie. There’s a complex series of equations used to derive this, but suffice to say that even though he makes a lot of really terrible movies, every once in awhile he makes a great one. Recently we’ve endure such cinematic travesties as Season of the Witch and Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and by my calculations that means we’re due for something awesome, maybe even a Bad Lieutenant.

Check out a new clip from Drive Angry 3D below:

New Drive Angry 3D Clip

Check out a closeup shot of the sweet hilt on Nic Cage’s gun:

Will Drive Angry 3D contain any single line of dialogue as good as “shoot him again, his soul’s still dancing?” Probably not. But it looks like it could be a lot of insane, over the top fun. The crazier the movie the better Nic Cage is. There wasn’t a lot of crazy in that clip, but don’t worry, the movie has more. If you’re looking for crazy, I’ve included a few previous clips from the film below, in case you missed them.

Previous Drive Angry 3D Clips

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