We all love it when Nicolas Cage is allowed to go a little crazy. Sure, he may make some truly terrible script choices, but whenever he is let off the chain and allowed to play angry/strange the results couldn't be more entertaining. Hence why we are very pleased to see that the actor is joining a movie where the plot allows him to do just that.

Deadline says that Cage has signed on to star in the film I Am Wrath. In the movie he wwill play a normal man named Stanley whose wife has been murdered. When he goes to the police he finds that they are unable to catch the criminals responsible, and as he digs deeper he "uncovers a thick plot of police corruption and realizes that he will have to find justice on his own." He then heads out as a vigilante who punishes those who abuse their power. Emmet/Furla Films is making the movie (the upcoming serial killer drama The Frozen Ground with Cage was made by the same company). They are also currently looking at William Friedkin as a possible director. Friedkin is best known for making films like The French Connection and The Exorcist and most recently directed the Matthew McConaughey drama Killer Joe.

Paul Sloan, who wrote the 2008 film Stiletto and the upcoming Alain Desrochers movie The Rising, is taking care of the script, which is based on a story by Yvan Gauthier. Lionsgate has already agreeed to distribute the film in the United States and they are planning to begin production in February.

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