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Who doesn’t love hearing a good bit of news about their favorite struggling actor, Nicolas Cage? Why wouldn’t we have sympathy for someone who stars if dozens of movies a year at $20 million a piece yet is bankrupt? You can’t help but feel for the guy, right?

Well, despite seemingly insurmountable financial woes, Cage is still managing to find work, this time in Simon West’s Medallion, according to THR. West’s debut feature film was another Nic Cage opus you may have heard of called Con Air, one of the best pieces of trash cinema that’s ever been created, and hopefully it will give us some idea of what to expect from their reunion. The story follows a former thief who must search for his kidnapped daughter who has been shoved into the trunk of a Medallion cab in NY. It smells a lot like Taken but with a less-believable badass.

West recently finished up his remake of the Charles Bronson actioner The Mechanic, which stars Jason Statham, who at one point was set to play the lead for West in Medallion. The film originally had a “can be taken seriously” actor in the lead in the form of Clive Owen, but has since lost him.

I like Nic Cage, I really do, he just needs to do roles like in National Treasure or The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Maybe he should just only work with Jon Turteltaub. Either way, we shouldn’t count Medallion out just because it stars Nic Cage, but we all know his serious face doesn’t fit very well. More on this as it nears production.

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