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Revenge is a mixed bag in the movie world. Sometimes you get movies like Kill Bill in which it's treated as heroic and just, the only option available to overcome a past trauma. Other films paint it as the biggest mistake you can make, with untold consequences for acting rashly and without thought of consequence. Director Roger Donaldson's Seeking Justice falls in the latter category. In the story, Nicolas Cage plays a distraught man whose wife (January Jones) has been attacked by a criminal. When a mysterious man (Guy Pearce) approaches him and tells him that he and his people can amend the situation, Cage's character agrees, but has no idea what he has really signed up for.

Check out the new trailer for Seeking Justice below or in HD over on Apple.

It's kind of sad that you can't trust trailers for Nicolas Cage movies anymore. Even if the project looks interesting or has some great names attached, the actor has associated himself with so much crap in recent years that it's impossible to know which titles will turn out to be great and which ones will end up being disastrous. And this preview is no exception. It has a cool - if not done-before - premise and Guy Pearce is generally fantastic, but the Cage factor makes it a question mark.

Seeking Justice arrives in theaters on March 16th.