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Operation Kino 67: Rock Of Ages Stops Believin', And Indie Filmmakers Strike Back

This week on Operation Kino we're donning elaborate wigs and singing songs into Malin Akerman's ass as we review the new jukebox musical Rock of Ages. From there we get into a conversation about the recent flap over Lola Versus and its directors challenging the critics who didn't like their movie, and talk about how independent filmmakers can engage with their audiences and fans without doing more harm than good. Before any of that, though, there's a lightning round asking about Adam Sandler's past work, and then tidbits, in which Da7e celebrates the all-powerful ear worm "Call Me Maybe" (which you'll hear a lot on this episode), David celebrates the very different film Call Me Kuchu, Katey isn't crazy about the season finale of Mad Men, and Patches takes a look at Indie Game: The Movie, thanks to a suggestion from listener Chris Cookson.

Take a listen below and find your downloading options; for more from all of us, you can follow the show (@opkino), Da7e (@da7e), David (@davidehrlich or @CriterionCorner), Patches (@misterpatches) and Katey (@kateyrich) on Twitter.

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00:00-00:56 Lightning Round

01:15 - 27:13 Introductions and Tidbits

27:47 - 42:05 Rock of Ages reviewed

42:47 - 1:00:20 Discussing the Lola Versus team taking on critics, and how indie filmmakers reach out to their audiences

1:00:20-1:06:12 Dessert!

This week's music breaks:

"Call Me Maybe" Remix by JHWinton

"Call Me Maybe (Live)" by Carly Rae Jepsen, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

"Call Me Maybe" covered by Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale

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