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Operation Kino 72: The Dark Knight Rises And Comic Con 2012 In Review

Note: As will become obvious when listening, we recorded this podcast before the horrific shootings at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Our apologies if anything in the show feels crass or insensitive in the wake of the tragedy, and our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

This week on Operation Kino, we're reviewing the most anticipated movie of the summer, The Dark Knight Rises. From there we move on to a recap of this year's San Diego Comic Con, filling David in on what he missed by not attending, and going over the stuff we liked despite being exhausted from being marketed to for four days straight. But before any of that, there's a lightning round inspired by Bruce Wayne, then tidbits, in which David talks about the one-night only release of the concert documentary Shut Up And Play The Hits, Katey talks about the use of IMAX in feature films like The Dark Knight Rises, Patches talks about the comic book My Friend Dahmer and Da7e runs down some recent interesting crowd funded movie projects. We end, as always, with your lightning round answers for dessert.

Take a listen below and find your downloading options; for more from all of us, you can follow the show (@opkino), Da7e (@da7e), David (@davidehrlich or @CriterionCorner), Patches (@misterpatches) and Katey (@kateyrich) on Twitter.

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00:00-00:45 Lightning Round

01:01 - 25:38 Introductions and Tidbits

26:17 - 49:00 The Dark Knight Rises reviewed

49:50 - 1:07:07 Comic Con 2012 in review

1:07:07 - 1:11:58 Dessert!

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