Operation Kino 79: Bachelorette Turns Us All Into Mean Girls

This week on Operation Kino, we've regained ownership of Da7e but have lost David, so there are just three of us to soldier through and review the iTunes hit Bachelorette, which is in theaters this weekend. We're enduring a kind of crazy week, so we've ditched Segment 3, but we do have a lightning round looking over the most successful fictional characters of the summer movie season, and then tidbits, in which Da7e digs into feminist outrage over the video game The Whore of the Orient, Patches shows his girlfriend The Wrath of Khan for the first time, and Katey laments the lack of Oscar buzz for summer 2012 movies. We end, as always, with your lightning round answers for dessert.

Take a listen below and find your downloading options; for more from all of us, you can follow the show (@opkino), Da7e (@da7e), David (@davidehrlich or @CriterionCorner), Patches (@misterpatches) and Katey (@kateyrich) on Twitter.

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00:00-00:57 Lightning Round

01:13 - 22:29 Introductions and Tidbits

22:51 - 41:22Bachelorette reviewed

41:22 - 45:38 Dessert!

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