The Big Lebowski is my favorite comedy of all time. I’ve watched it an uncountable number of times and I’m still sent into hysterics by every plot twist and eccentric character. I can play back the entire movie in my head and I’ll still laugh at every joke. But the truth is that I’m just one in a million.

When The Big Lebowski was first released back on this date in 1998 it was actually a total box office dud. Despite being the Coen brothers’ follow up to the hit, Oscar winning Fargo, nobody really cared about the adventures of The Dude when the movie was in theaters. Since its release, however, the film has cultivated a cult following and is a bona fide phenomenon, spurring fans to actually create an annual festival.Books have been written about its philosophy. And yes, there’s even a religion based on it called Dudeism.

If you haven’t already done the math, today is the fifteenth anniversary of The Big Lebowski’s release in theaters, and we couldn’t let the day go by without doing a little bit of celebrating. We’ve searched around to collect our 15 favorite scenes from the legendary comedy, celebrating the greatest hits of The Dude, Walter, Donnie, Jesus, Bunny, Maude, Brent, Uli, Jackie and the rest of the amazing cast of characters. Read on below and head to the comments after to tell us your favorite Lebowski moments!

Opening Narration
As a part of the film noir tradition The Big Lebowski needed voice-over narration to guide the story, and if that has to happen why not get the best voice you possibly can? And not only do you have the greatness of Sam Elliot, you have the ominous date written on the check along with footage from the Gulf War. Spooky!

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