Own Ferris Bueller's Borrowed Ferrari

The end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off is as memorable as any other moment from the film. Cameron beats the shit out of his father's beloved car, only to send it flying out the back window of the garage to see it crash amongst the trees. It was a sad moment for car lovers everywhere. There are few vehicles as awesome as the Ferrari 250GT Spyder California. The good news? The one they crashed wasn't the only one the film had, and now you can own it.

UK Auction house Bonhams will be selling the car used in the film to the highest bidder come April 19th at the Royal Air Force Museum in London. If you're thinking the car is worth double due to it's rarity, however, you're in for a disappointment. This is not an actual Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California; rather, it is a replica that was specifically made for the film. The car is expected to go for between £30,000-40,000 (approximately $45,000-$60,000).

Obviously there aren't many out there who can pay that much for a car, but its fun to dream. What better way to pay tribute to the incredible, late John Hughes than by calling in sick to work and riding around Chicago in this sleek red beauty with a couple friends? Nothing in the world that would stop me from playing the Star Wars theme as I sped over a dip in the road. I might even pay a garage attendant to come along, just to make it more authentic.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

NJ native who calls LA home and lives in a Dreamatorium. A decade-plus CinemaBlend veteran who is endlessly enthusiastic about the career he’s dreamt of since seventh grade.