The last time we heard any news about the John Hillcoat-directed heist thriller Triple Nine, it was 2010 and Shia LaBeouf was set to be his leading man. But that fell through and Hillcoat made the Depression-era crime drama Lawless with LaBeouf in the meantime. But the project is back on the table thanks to Anonymous Content, and Charlie Hunnam is attached to take over the lead role, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Producers are also looking at Oscar-winners Christoph Waltz and Cate Blanchett to star, but there are no negotiations being made at this point.

Triple Nine, written by newcomer Matt Cook, would star Hunnam as a police officer in L.A. targeted by a group of criminals who plan on murdering him in order to draw attention away from a larger crime happening elsewhere in the city. The film’s title comes from the police code 999, which stands for “Officer needs help – urgent!”

The basic description sounds promising enough, and Hillcoat is definitely the director who can make it work, having also directed the atmospheric 2009 drama The Road and 2005’s crime western The Proposition. Hunnam is the bigger risk in this deal, as his acting skill can vary. I absolutely love him as the rough-and-tumble motorcycle gang leader on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, and his other TV work on Queer as Folk and Undeclared were also above average. But he’s wooden at times, as proven in part by Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim.

Last seen in Stefan Ruzowitzky’s crime thriller Deadfall opposite Eric Bana, Hunnam only has one other film in his future, the gothic horror Crimson Peak, also directed by del Toro. That film will be an entirely different monster (no pun intended), as Hunnam hasn’t really familiarized himself with the horror genre before. But his appeal is definitely present when crime is present.

I probably don’t have to tell anyone how good this film would be if Blanchett and/or Waltz got involved. Not that I’d have any idea where they fit into a heist or a cop killing, but I certainly hope they’d be part of the bad guys.

Triple Nine is still securing financing, and FilmDistrict is working on acquiring the U.S. rights, so there’s no proposed schedule on when production would begin. But if you hear about one movie staring up across town, be suspicious.

But before all that, Hunnam will be returning for the sixth season of Sons of Anarchy, which will probably be calling it quits after next season, opening Hunnam’s schedule up for films year round. Check out the season 6 teaser trailer below.

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