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Pacific Rim Gets The Honest Trailer Treatment

“Do Pacific Rim or I will rocket punch you in the face!”

Screen Junkies’ “Honest Trailers” are spot-on criticisms leveled at money-grabbing blockbusters. They highlight the flaws fans like to overlook when praising the accomplishments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That point in the video above, about the different members of the Avengers communicating to each other without wearing any type of head set or electronic device was a pin prick that completely sucked the air out of Joss Whedon’s film. It’s one of those honest truths that can’t be unseen once you notice it. Like, how is it NO ONE on set said to Whedon (or one of the actors), “Uh, how are they talking to each other? Hawkeye isn’t wearing a comm. device, but Stark can hear him? How?”

The Rim trailer is pretty funny. I laughed at the futuristic Altoids that block cancer. But Rim is such a big, fat in-on-the-joke endeavor that it can’t be slapped down to size by a few swipes at its “credibility.” It’s a damn blockbuster about robots punching monsters in the face. Audiences didn’t show up looking for Shakespearean levels of method acting. They wanted effects, and Guillermo Del Toro largely delivered.

Will be keep delivering? Talk continues to swirl about possible Pacific Rim sequels. And while Del Toro’s monster movie only made $101 million in the States, it posted an impressive $305 million overseas … proving there is an international market for more stories to be told in this universe. The director has said he already has plans for the continuation of the story. Now we’ll see if he can clean up a few of his glaring narrative errors, so that Screen Junkies doesn’t have to come calling with an Honest Trailer for Pacific Rim 2.

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