Concept art can sometimes be a mixed bag. In many cases - particularly when it comes to big sci-fi or action adventures - the pieces can be totally mindblowing and cool, but it can sometimes turn to disappointment when the final cut of the film bares very little resemblance to that what was initially promised through illustrations. Only time will tell if that will be the case Guillermo del Toro and the upcoming Pacific Rim, but for now what we have are some pretty damn cool paintings.

In their latest issue, Total Film has unveiled two never-before-seen pieces of concept art for the giant monsters vs. giant robots blockbuster, and have been kind enough to release both of them online. The works were made by Doug Williams and seem to show two very different scenes from the film. The first is set in some kind of winter environment and is meant to really show the scale of the giant mech suits called Jaegers. Notice how the machine seems to be so far in the distance and yet still towers above absolutely everything?

The next image is something a bit more obscure and probably isn't recognizable to anyone other than those who are actually working on the film. The magazine, however, says that it's a "freaky Skull Temple that’s fused with its derelict urban surroundings." Hard to say if that's the official line from the studio, but let's just run with it...

You can check out both pieces full size over on Total Film's site, and for more about Pacific Rim, including the trailer, interviews, posters, and images, be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database

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