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I don’t know about you guys, but with the unseasonably hot temperatures where I live, I’ve certainly had a hard time feeling the spirit of the season this Christmas. However, Patrick Stewart and his most excellent, festive Christmas cap are here to help us get the last bits of Christmas spirit before the season slips away. Watch the video. Make it so.

There are few things in life that can bring such simple, unexplainable joy as watching Captain Jean-Luc Picard begrudgingly wear a a singing, blinking Christmas hat. The hat was bestowed upon Steward by his wife, Sunny Ozell, who also uploaded the video to Youtube with the absolutely perfect title of "Sweet hat, bro". While Stewart tried to remain unimpressed and generally put out by his singing Christmas cap, he ultimately can’t resist a the crazy Christmas cheer happening atop his head, and he starts to laugh. To prove he was in on the fun, Stewart even tweeted out his wife’s video for all of his fans to enjoy.

This isn’t Patrick Stewart’s first foray into the unintentional creation of holiday cheer. Last Christmas, the brilliant minds at All For-Events made this video composition using Star Trek clips to have Jean-Luc and other members of the Enterprise sing a revamped version of the classic Christmas carol, "Let It Snow". The Jean-Luc Picard version is called, of course, "Make It So". You can watch that video here, too.

There is just something magical about watching a guy who is known for playing serious characters like Professor Charles Xavier and Captain Jean-Luc Picard wearing a singing Christmas hat. Stewart is one of those rare enigmas who is known for playing several very stoic and intense characters, while in reality he seems to just be a giant, lovable goofball. Be it this video or pictures of Stewart and his best friend, Ian McKellen, being goofballs, Patrick Stewart can clearly brighten up any day. So if you’re still not having those good holiday season feels, go ahead and give the videos above a few more watches. We won’t judge. After all, nothing can bring about holiday spirit like Patrick Stewart.

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