So much for Peter Jackson ever taking a vacation. As soon as the Oscar-winning director puts the finishing touches on his two-part Hobbit epic, he’ll dive right into Tintin 2, according to Steven Spielberg (and the scribes over at Total Film).

“Peter [Jackson]’s doing it. I wanted to do it, but Peter has to because we made a deal. I said, ‘I’ll direct the first one, you direct the second one,’” Spielberg explained.?“And Peter, of course, is going to do it right after he finishes photography on The Hobbit. He’ll go right into the 31, 21 days of performance capture.”

Spielberg stops short of confirming which Herge books they’ll use as inspiration for the plot of a second Tintin, though the end of the first film makes it pretty clear that Tintin (Jamie Bell) and drunken Capt. Haddock (Andy Serkis) would be heading to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve a fortune in pirate gold. Unless, of course, they don’t. Nothing’s set in stone.

A sequel was set in stone, however, given the fact that Tintin banked more than $370 million at the global box office. Granted, only $75.8M of that came from the U.S., but Herge’s adventurer always came with a built-in international audience, and it’s that demographic Jackson and Spielberg will aim to satisfy when they embark on another journey.

I, for one, can’t wait. The original Tintin drew comparisons to Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, with a snappy pace and massive action set pieces. But Jackson doesn’t direct like that (unless you count The Frighteners, which you should). The second Tintin should have a different tone to reflect its storyteller, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Jackson – a huge Herge fan – does in this world.

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