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Pineapple Express 2 Red-Band Trailer Is For A Real Movie, But Not Pineapple Express 2

April Fools! OK, you probably didn't fall for this prank that premiered at Yahoo!, since we're not cruel enough to go with their joke in our headline, but it's fun to pretend for at least a little while that this really is the low-budget sequel to Pineapple Express that James Franco, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson made in their house, somehow stealing the original costumes from the Sony props department and convincing David Gordon Green to sign off on it. And it's actually even better that the trailer isn't just a random April Fools prank from some celebrities, but a hint at what's to come in an actual movie, This is the End, which features all of those people and more.

Eric got an advance look at the upcoming comedy at Wonder Con over the weekend, and we've been anticipating it ever since the actual red-band trailer dropped last December, showing all these comedians trapped in James Franco's giant mansion when some kind of world-ending event sends everything into complete chaos. Sure, the world didn't end the way the Mayans said it would last December, but imagining the end of the world in the company of these guys doesn't sound too bad anyway.

You can pick your reason you want to see This is The End, from seeing what happens when Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg make their directorial debuts to witnessing the death of Michael Cera at the beginning of the film to a whole lot of dick jokes. But now that we're allowed to pretend it's the sequel to Pineapple Express we always knew we wanted, we've got one more reason to add to the list. See all the madness unfold for yourself when the movie arrives in theaters June 14.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend