Seth Rogen Clarifies His Own Story About Emma Watson And This Is The End

Emma Watson and Seth Rogen as themselves in the apocalypse movie This is the End
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Two years after Emma Watson’s tenure as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter films ended, the British actress switched things up with an appearance in Seth Rogen’s apocalyptic stoner comedy This Is The End. The 2013 film had Rogen, James Franco and many other famous people playing versions of themselves living in the end of days. Since the movie came out, there have been rumors that Watson left the production early, which Rogen is now clarifying once and for all.

Last week, Seth Rogen addressed rumors of Emma Watson’s early departure from This Is The End by assuring that there were no hard feelings between him and the Harry Potter actress. He claimed that when she returned to set the following day, it was to say goodbye to the production, and she still promoted the film with the rest of the cast. Following his recent words about the situation, Rogen took to Twitter to share a follow-up statement:

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As the post explains, Emma Watson did not “storm off the set” of This Is The End during the filming of a scene. Seth Rogen said that the particular scene that she decided not to do had “changed drastically” from what she had initially agreed to. As Rogen remembers it, Watson spoke up about the “uncomfortable position” he believes he placed her in, and he was very happy and impressed she spoke up about it.

Seth Rogen said that he and the Harry Potter star agreed that they would not do the scene together. He felt like he needed to clarify the situation after he believed a narrative had spread regarding Emma Watson being “uncool or professional,” which he called “complete bullshit.” Rogen showed some regret about how he handled the situation at the time, sharing that he wished he had “done more” to prevent Watson’s early exit from the film.

According to the prior rumors, Emma Watson decided to “storm” off set during the filming of the gimp sequence with Danny McBride and Channing Tatum. The report also claimed that at the time, the 22-year-old had a “freak out” moment on set. Rogen’s recent words seem to indicate that it was a dramatization of what actually went down on the This Is The End production.

It’s great to see the actor stand up for the actress, and the quotes he gave GQ Magazine in the midst of his new weed company Houseplant getting off the ground. The story had previously not been addressed, leading some to believe Emma Watson had perhaps been a bit of a diva on the set of This Is The End, and that just doesn’t seem to be true. There’s no beef here between Seth Rogen and Emma Watson.

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