This Is The End’s Seth Rogen Reveals The Most On-Brand Story About Snoop Dogg I’ve Ever Heard

Longshot's Seth Rogen And The Beach Bum's Snoop Dogg Collaboration

Seth Rogen has been in the business of making movies for a long time and has had a lot of wild encounters while working in the industry of Hollywood. He’s detailed some of these in his new book Yearbook, but also talked out one adventure with Snoop Dogg in particular during a recent appearance on Conan for its final season.

To begin this twisty tale, Seth Rogen recalled that he and a slew of other a-listers made This is the End together about eight years ago. He’s already told a story about Emma Watson and the making of that movie recently, but apparently there was a whole other thing that happened when Rogen invited Snoop Dogg to collaborate on the memorable “Take Yo Panties Off” track for the film. After sharing some pot with Conan O’Brien himself, the actor revealed:

Speaking of weed, we made a film called This is the End around eight years ago. In that film, there’s a song that Craig Robinson sings called 'Take Yo Panties Off' which, I would argue, has not aged well. But, we thought it would be fun if at the end of the movie there was a more produced version of the song, that was a real song. Then what if Snoop Dogg was on the song, was what we thought. We asked Snoop Dogg, and he said, ‘Yeah, I’ll be in a song about called ‘Take Yo Panties Off’ -- that doesn’t seem to be a stretch for Snoop Dogg.

Next, Seth Rogen even repeated a fact that is oft touted about Snoop Dogg: the rapper has a man on staff whose entire job it is to roll joints. However, things apparently took a turn after Rogen had a creative request for the rapper, though the story remains on brand. He noted:

He wrote his hook and he was performing. I was like, ‘You know what would be great, Snoop, was if you could sing a verse on the song, a rap verse.’ I’m very cool; that’s what I called it, ‘Could you sing a rap verse?’ He was like, ‘You know, I wasn’t planning on doing a verse. I was just planning on singing the hook.’ I was like, ‘You know, it would be great if you could do the verse.’ He kind of puts his head down, is like, ‘OK I’ll do it.’ He looks over at one of his guys who's standing by the door, kind of narrows his gaze, and he goes, ‘Hey, bring in the hoes.’ At which point a man with a garden hose did not come into the room, but instead around five women dressed like strippers came into the room. They played the beat and they danced around for 20 minutes as he wrote a verse on his Blackberry. And as soon as he was done writing the verse, he kind of, with a wave of his hand, dismissed the hoes.

I have so many questions, but unfortunately even the comedian doesn't seem to have the answers. In fact, Seth Rogen also told Conan O’Brien after the ladies left and Snoop had his finished verse there were so many questions still unanswered: Where were the ladies even hanging out before being brought in? What did they do outside of the times Snoop Dogg needed them while writing rap songs?

But don’t take it from me, it’s a lot funnier when a bewildered Seth Rogen shares his experience, though it's worth pointing out the experience did not deter him from hanging out with Snoop Dogg, as they would recap Game of Thrones together years later. You can see the interview clip, complete with Conan O’Brien’s classic take, which involves a bit about the ladies spending time on an air balloon when not needed, below.

There won’t be much more where this came from. While Seth Rogen will likely remain a funny storyteller, Conan O’Brien is wrapping his long tenure as a late night host this week. It’s been a 30-year career for the longtime host, but he's going out on a memorable final week filled with laughs, notable stories, Paul Rudd, and more for O’Brien and his sidekick Andy Richter.

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