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Disney has refused to get their ducks in order with regards to Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The last film in the series, the not-well-regarded Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides nonetheless made literally a billion dollars more than your favorite indie movie this year, but aside from hiring new directors and keeping up appearances with Jerry Bruckheimer, this franchise has stayed dormant. Until now... set sail for 2017, scalywags.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has a release date of July 8th, 2017, says the Twitters!

That's three years away, if you're keeping score at home. Plenty of time for Johnny Depp to start grooming his impeccable Jack Sparrow beard.

Weirdly enough, Pirates is in sole possession of that release date, but July 2017 has filled up considerably. In the wake of the Independence Day weekend, Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 will have to contend with the second weekend of Despicable Me 3, which is also following a massive global hit. A week later Fox will unveil The Fantastic Four 2 (provided the "first" The Fantastic Four does well enough next year), followed by a Fox/Blue Sky animation collaboration. Finally, the month is closed out with yet another untitled Marvel film (my money's on on Guardians Of The Galaxy 2). Expect more big movies to be announced for July '17, because no one is afraid of Pirates Of The Caribbean any more, as the last film was the lowest-grossing one domestically. Internationally, Jack Sparrow is still a license to print pirate booty.

So what the devil is this thing about? Rumors have suggested ghosts (but less monsters!), and more of an emphasis on pirate-y things. Which is good – while Captain Jack is still a favorite of the kids, you don't want to turn him into an unkillable joke who generates no suspense.

The fourth film was the weakest because Sparrow had no one to bounce off – Depp and Penelope Cruz made a nice couple, but it was strictly genre-familiar flirting, while Geoffrey Rush and Ian McShane basically mailed it in. The interplay between Jack and otherwise-dull Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) was actually missed, because you needed someone to keep Jack, and the film, grounded. Of course, you don't pay Johnny Depp upwards of $50 million just so another actor can "lessen his load." Still, it would be nice to pair him with someone unusual and memorable who keeps him on his toes, and keeps the stakes of these movies recognizable.

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