Rebel Wilson is kind of everywhere lately. And for those of us who find her hilarious, that's a good thing. The actress, who grabbed our attention with her brief but scene-stealing moments in Bridesmaids as Kristen Wiig's roommate, has appeared in a number of films this year already. Most recently, she played the part of "Fat Amy" in the music-focused a-ca-mazing comedy Pitch Perfect. Adding to her growing list of projects, Universal Pictures has picked up a comedy pitch from Wilson.

Deadline reports that the untitled comedy was Wilson's idea, and she'll write, produce and star in it. Beyond that, there are no details about it, but given her past performances, this is exciting news. Her upcoming feature roles include Struck By Lightning and Pain & Gain.

Most of what we know of Wilson's work stateside has her in front of the camera, making us laugh, but she has some experience writing, having written for two TV series in Australia (Bogan Pride and The Wedge). She also has a TV comedy project in development at ABC called Super Fun Night. Just last month, the pilot, which was originally being developed for CBS, was picked up by ABC after CBS passed on it. It's being reworked as a single-camera comedy and will star Wilson, who is also writing the pilot. If it goes to series, that would likely make her less available for feature projects, but it sounds like she's moving forward with that side of her career regardless, which is good news for those of us who've been enjoying her goofy and awkward style of comedy.

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