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Kachow! There’s a rumor circulating that Lightning McQueen and the rest of the rowdy bunch from Radiator Springs may be making another lap around the track with a follow up to 2006’s Cars. The news comes from blog JV Pixar News who claims to have “a very reliable anonymous source” who has told them a Cars sequel will be Pixar’s follow up to Toy Story 3, putting two sequels out as back to back releases.

Personally, I’m going to remain highly skeptical on this. In recent weeks it feels like there have been endless reminders from the Pixar camp that they are not in the sequel business; sequels are not part of the Pixar business plan. The only sequel they’ve put out to date are to Toy Story, which were both Disney-initiated, not spawned by John Lasseter, who was behind Cars. Besides, if Pixar was to spin another tale based on any of their existing movies, I would think Cars would be pretty far down the list. The close of the story didn’t leave much to follow up on. Brad Bird’s Incredibles would be a more likely candidate, although Bird provided one of the recent reminders of Pixar not being interested in sequels.

The blog goes on to consider if this could be Brad Lewis’s unannounced project, which the Ratatouille producer recently hinted at. I find that hard to believe as well, since Lewis wasn’t really involved with Cars. I don’t think Lasseter would just hand the reigns over for his own creation.

Nope. I’m 100% skeptical about this, despite a “very reliable” source. If news is going to be forthcoming, it’ll most likely be announced at Comic-Con, though, so if I’m wrong I’ll get to admit it in just a few weeks.

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