Yeah, that’s a funky poster, right? Look, some of you are never gonna come around on this RoboCop remake. Some of you are upset about the PG-13 rating. Some of you think it was a terrible idea right off the bat. But hey, it gave Sony a chance to put the original film out on a brand new Blu-Ray. And maybe it will get some of you to avoid drinking and driving. And sometimes we can get some cool artwork from a film like this, like the photo above promoting the upcoming IMAX release of the new film.

Speaking of artwork, you can also check out a bodacious poster posted by Scott Weinberg on Twitter. The is the original flavor Robocop, of course, utilizing the curious font from Her (appropriately). Click here to head to his Twitter to RT it and show your appreciation.

And Collider has debuted five new clips from the film and… mmm, nope! You might still be Robo-phobic! The first one features Michael Keaton explaining the motive behind RoboCop as the tacky-sounding action score threatens to burst through the scene. The second is a debate between Keaton and Gary Oldman, cementing what we already knew from the trailers: that all of Oldman’s lines are some variation of, "The thing we made is not doing the thing we’re doing, and it’s not gonna do it!" Though it does reveal that RoboCop was made in China. The third clip is a training sequence scored to just about the lamest heavy metal riff you’ve ever heard, though hopefully it’s only temp music. Its standard shootout stuff, just celebrated target practice.

The fourth clip is a sequence from "The Novak Element," a fictional program in the RoboCop universe hosted by Samuel L. Jackson’s Pat Novak. Ironically, "The Novak Element" (which sounds like a Marvel movie MacGuffin) sports a theme song that sounds suspiciously like the original Robocop theme by Basil Poledouris. And the fifth pits the cybernetic hero against the CGI-created ED-209 in a computer-generated blur of an action scene that finds two bulletproof enemies battling each other with… bullets. Thrills and chills.

The RoboCop remake, which deserves its own dubious nickname, is comin’ ‘atcha in IMAX 3D on February 12th.

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